_M0A4844cropI’m Brett Wallick MMT, MT-BC, a Board-Certified Music Therapist, musician, and singer originally from Seattle, USA currently living in Barcelona, Spain.  I do remote Music Therapy for adult clients anywhere in the world via remote technology (like Zoom) from my home studio.

I’ve studied and played drums/percussion, guitar, and piano for most of my life.  I’ve lived as a resident in 5 countries (Spain, USA, Scotland/UK, Kazakhstan, and the United Arab Emirates) and have visited many more for work and leisure… Music and Travel are my two passions, and I try to combine them whenever I can.

Once I started traveling in my late twenties, I quickly learned that seeking out the local musicians (live music and the “jam sessions”) guaranteed a good night out, because I’d meet other people and often make immediate deep connections after we played together.  Today I am still always amazed how people (both musicians and listeners) can connect so deeply through music, even when we don’t share a common spoken language or don’t know each other beforehand.  It’s like magic… or, I wondered, could it possibly be explained by science?

Those experiences traveling caused me to become more curious about why people are moved so deeply by music, and the different ways music makes people’s lives better.  Once I discovered Music Therapy was a legitimate field with growing acceptance due to an ever-expanding evidence base of its measurable benefits, particularly due to today’s brain imaging technologies, I knew Music Therapy was exactly what I wanted to do: Helping people heal through music interventions.

So I completed a Master in Music Therapy at the University of Barcelona (mostly in Spanish), passed the USA’s board certification exam, and here I am – it’s been a long and winding road, but I’ve found my perfect career that combines my greatest passion/skill with my highest purpose: playing music and serving others.

Get in contact and find out exactly how music therapy interventions can help you, your family, your community, and your/our world!

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